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VoxSonix is a modern vocalist group shaped by each member’s interests. We’re all about getting to know you, helping to find your vocal potential, and exceeding your expectations—all within a warm and supportive community.

In no time at all, you’ll be delivering dynamic vocal arrangements with varied styles and professional techniques that make every singer proud of the result.

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VoxSonix is a sociable way to discover and enhance your vocal potential.

Join fellow vocalists in your community and discover the potential of your voice

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Whether you’re an experienced vocalist looking to enhance your potential or more Interested in the social side of things, you’ll always be welcome to join us. We offer two membership plans to suit your needs.


For new or experienced vocalists wanting to discover their potential.

£25 /Monthly

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Teaching of vocal technique
Bespoke song arrangements
Range of performance opportunities
Relaxed, fun, teaching environment
Social events
Contribute to the shape of VoxSonix journey


For those wanting to connect with likeminded vocalists in their area.


Join our community

Keep up-to-date through the blog
Contribute to song choices
Contribute to performance suggestions
Invitation to social events
Invitation to one-off workshops or activities
VIP access to selected events

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As you’ll have gathered, we’re a very welcoming bunch and would love to have you join our community.

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